Examples of "Vs" in a Sentence (2023)


  • Even at the close of the previous century the brilliant achievements of French literature had prompted La Bruyere vs.


  • And forgeve vs oure treaspases, even as we forgeve them whych treaspas vs.

  • Lede vs nott in to temptacion, but delyvre vs from yvell.

  • And forgiue vs our dettes, as we also forgiue our detters.

  • The activity of vs is never so perfectly realized as to merge implication in intuition.


  • S is the centre of force, SY is the per- z pendicular to the tangent at P, and Z is the point where VS meets the auxiliary circle again.

  • After Louis Vs sudden death, aged twenty, in 987, Adalbero and Gerbert, with the support of the reformed Cluniac clergy, at the Assembly of Senhis eliminated from the succession the rightful heir, Charles of Lorraine, who, without influence or wealth, had become a stranger in his own country, and elected Hugh Capet, who, though rich and powerful, was superior neither in intellect nor character.

  • The death of Francis I.s mother, Louise of Savoy (who had been partly instrumental in arranging the peace of Cambrai), the replacement of Montmorency by the bellicose Chabot, and the advent to power of a Burgundian, Granvella, as Charles Vs prime minister, put an end to this double-faced policy, which attacked the Calvinists of France while supporting the Lutherans of Germany; made advances to Clement VII.

  • The vulgar Latin of Spain has kept the pluperfect indicative, still in current use vs a secondary form of the conditional (cantdra, yendira, pariiira), and, what is more remarkable still, as not occurring anywhere elle, the future perfect (canidre, vendiire, pcriiire, formerly canliro, vendilro, partiro).

  • What & how to use - Use only diazepam - Maintenance vs reduction - reducing more Any advantages with maintenance?


  • A mink-infested footman waited outside; valets, butlers, database database object oriented relational vs second-men and maids came to attention.

  • They're huge and take less polys than the average ship Also the Star Destroyers in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter / X-Wing A.. .

  • Millwall vs Hull City 11 Which animated space age family owned a pet pooch called Astro?

  • But, left unacknowledged and unaddressed, these issues become festering sores in the relationship between VS and the rest of the industry.

  • The value of human spaceflight - costs, risks & benefits, manned vs unmanned missions.


  • Natural surfactant extract vs synthetic surfactant in the treatment of established respiratory distress syndrome.

  • All this Mourinho Vs Benitez can get a bit tiresome.

  • Marion stormed up the first lead at VS to set the tone for the week.

  • Men's Seconds 28 Jan 06 Horncastle II 0 vs 3 Cambridge South II South awarded a walkover.

  • The response curve of PD excretion vs purine absorbed is linear.


  • Example of this is your socialized medicine vs USA free market.

  • In acute tibia fracture studies, 4.4% of patients receiving InductOs developed antibodies vs 0.6% in the control group.

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  • Her database database object oriented relational vs undeniable beauty only exasperated him.

  • Men 's Seconds 28 Jan 06 Horncastle II 0 vs 3 Cambridge South II South awarded a walkover.

  • The disposable vs cloth diapers debate is complex.


  • The disposable vs cloth diapers debate has been going on for many years.

  • The disposable vs cloth diapers debate is likely to go on for many years, however the new developments ensure that there are plenty of options available.

  • The blender they recommend for raw food enthusiasts is the TurboBlend VS.

  • Ashlee Simpson vs. Her Old Nose - Shaun White died when his head was bashed in by a flying tomato, and the Old Nose caught it when Ashley shoved a stool and bucket into the nostrils, creating a murderous sneeze.

  • He also appeared on a 2006 episode of CSI, as well as on the game show 1 vs 100.

  • Outcomes of Distance vs. Traditional Learning - This dissertation focuses on how prominent technology has made distance learning and whether it has had a significant impact on the learning model.

  • To compare chemical fertilizer vs organic fertilizer, look at both the short term and long term effects of each.

  • The all-time best selling game was Alien vs. Predator, but there are others that deserve honorable mention as well.

  • To buy Wii vs PS3, you will need to ask yourself some questions about your gaming lifestyle, the lifestyles of the gamers who will also use the Wii, what kind of games you tend to play, and what you think you will play the most.

  • The biggest difference when you buy Wii vs PS3 comes from the technical specifications.

  • Buying the Wii vs PS3 in this category is a tie because the capabilities of both systems are equal.

  • To buy Wii vs PS3 without knowing what games are available may be a poor way to choose.

  • When selecting a stage in VS or Training Mode, hold start when you select the stage and you'll play a different (and weird) version of that stage.

  • Link VS Mode connects you with another Game Boy Advance for some intense head-to-head action against a friend.

  • The online play for the PC version offers multi-player mayhems, and Axis vs. Allies team based action.

  • Furthermore, on the VS screen, there is an icon corresponding to each pairing.

  • Just like the bad guys who aren't adverse to using foreign objects in the ring, these Smackdown vs. Raw cheat codes can give you a bit of an unfair advantage as you step into the squared circle.

  • Smackdown vs. Raw cheat codes have been around as long as Smackdown vs. Raw has been around, so you may already know about how some of these cheats and unlockables work based on earlier wrestling games in the series.

  • Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 is available on a variety of different video game consoles, including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS.

  • You can play wrestling games just about anywhere, but these cheats are targeting the PS3 version of Smackdown vs. Raw 2008.

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  • Staying on top of the WWE, you'll want the Smackdown vs. Raw cheat codes for the newest version of the game.

  • You could certainly have the full WWE experience playing as Chris Jericho or John Cena, but it can be much more rewarding to try your hand at the Smackdown vs. Raw Create a Wrestler mode instead.

  • In every iteration in the popular wrestling games franchise, players have been able to engage in a great Smackdown vs. Raw Create a Wrestler mode.

  • Just as in the more recent Guitar Hero and Rock Band games where you can make your own unique rocker, the titles in the Smackdown vs. Raw franchise allow you to customize the appearance of your unique wrestling superstar.

  • Beyond the physical appearance, the Smackdown vs. Raw Create a Wrestler mode allows you to choose your own special superstar move sets, attributes, entrance music, and personal brand.

  • The "Road to Wrestlemania" mode in the Smackdown vs. Raw video games is great for experiencing the careers of real wrestlers, but the season mode for created wrestlers has not been quite as enjoyable.

  • That is changing with the October 2009 release of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010.

  • Most people do not have the technical skills to make a video game, but options like the Smackdown vs. Raw Create a Wrestler mode give even the most novice of players a glimpse into the creative process.

  • So where does WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006 for the Sony Playstation 2 rank amongst the pantheon of wrestling games?

  • Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006 is quite possibly the best looking WWE game yet, even if only by the slightest of margins.

  • Seriously, Yukes must have been working off of an old, taped 2003 Pay Per View or something when they selected the characters for Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006.

  • The wrestling engine itself has been reworked a bit in Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006 as well.

  • More than anything else, however, fans will find themselves interested in Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006 for two reasons -- the timeless season mode and the brand new GM mode.

  • Season mode offers more scenarios this year than in the first Smackdown vs. Raw title, but they still are fairly poorly written and get quite repetitive.

  • In the end, Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006 winds up being a mediocre game.

  • While some roleplay games have you complete tasks and quests on your own before going on to another task on your own, the Realm Vs.

  • If you are looking for an Xbox 360 vs PS3 side by side comparison, then look no further than this article from Lovetoknow.

  • In the Xbox 360 vs PS3 side by side comparison, PS3's online service is lagging a little behind.

  • So with the Xbox 360 vs PS3 side by side comparison, did you figure out which one you're going to buy?

  • The surprise wine was the Fidelitas Champoux, it was hard to rate vs the others, but it was a hit.

  • If your next phone purchase has come down to the BlackBerry Bold vs Palm Pre, a side-by-side comparison is just what you need.

  • Here is a quick comparison of the BlackBerry Bold vs Palm Pre.

  • Regardless of your decision between the BlackBerry Bold vs Palm Pre, you'll definitely come out with a winning smartphone.

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  • When comparing the Droid Incredible vs iPhone, you have to select a product based on the features you need.

  • The iPhone does not feature a removable battery, but in the battle of Droid Incredible vs iPhone models, the iPhone comes out on top with a battery that has a 300-hour standby time.

  • When choosing a Droid Incredible vs iPhone, consider the type of applications you use most often, which company your existing accessories are compatible with, and whether you want to side with Apple or Google for long term usability.

  • Public School Vs Homeschooling has become a rather heated debate in some quarters, with very strong opinions held on both sides of the issue.

  • But, the fact is that despite the criticisms and doubts of others, families who have chosen to home school their children have certainly shown themselves more than capable of holding their own in the Public School Vs Homeschooling debate.

  • If you're thinking about home loans FHA vs VA requirements, you may be doing so because you do not want to have a substantial down payment or you do not qualify for a traditional mortgage.

  • Home loans FHA vs VA requirements are irrelevant for people who do not qualify from having served in the military.

  • All Tacori diamonds are exceptionally high quality, using only G or better color and a VS or better clarity.

  • Ring materials generally consist of F-G color and VS clarity diamonds, 18K white gold, platinum, palladium or 18K yellow gold.

  • This creates eight points along the wide ends of the Vs which creates the outer edges.

  • It weighs 180 grams and features VS clarity G color diamonds, mother of pearl, and genuine cabochon jewels embedded in its crown.

  • The jewels used in this watch are fine VS clarity G colored diamonds and accented cabochons arrayed in an eye-catching design.

  • The difference means a bubbling brine vs a flat one, so avoid the distilled water.

  • The age-old debate of briefs vs boxers for men is still going strong.

  • The debate over briefs vs boxers for men may be just as ongoing as the argument for toilet paper that rolls over or under, but it's all a matter of what a man prefers and what looks and feels good on him.

  • She began modeling for Victoria's Secret in 1999 and became a VS Angel in 2000.

  • Miranda Kerr began modeling with Victoria's Secret in 2006 and became an Angel in 2007 as the first ever Australian VS Angel.

  • To learn more about the Victoria's Secret Angels and their other modeling history, visit Victoria's Secret VS All Access website.

  • The VS Angels aren't the only popular lingerie models, however.

  • Within each gallery are the various collections by Victoria's Secret such as Very Sexy, VS Cotton, Angels, Body by Victoria and the Bridal Collection.

  • Additionally, there are pajama sets that are decorated with hand mirrors, the VS logo, and large flowers.

  • If your bottom needs some extra curve, consider the VS Uplift™ styles.

  • The latest designs to emerge from the traditional Victoria's Secret line and the VS PINK label are showcased during this entertaining event.

  • These specifically contracted VS models also promote the event.

    (Video) FUN vs FUNNY Difference, Meaning, Example Sentences | Learn English Vocabulary
  • Though VS does produce a large garment line, this portion of the merchandise is neglected during the show.

  • Man vs Wild is a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel starring Bear Grylls.

  • Man vs Wild premiered on October 27, 2006.

  • Man vs Wild airs in fourteen countries, including the United States, Spain, Australia, Canada, and Russia.

  • When Man vs Wild returned, episodes had been edited.

  • Survivor Heroes vs Villains is the 20th edition of the long-running Survivor reality TV series, and the second season with a cast made up entirely of castaways from former seasons.

  • He returned for Survivor Heroes vs Villains and competed in both seasons back-to-back.

  • To learn more about the Heroes vs Villains season of Survivor, visit the official website at CBS.com.

  • Rob was pitted against one of his adversaries from Heroes Vs.

  • High fantasy typically has an overarching theme of good vs evil.

  • While the theme of good vs evil may be present, it typically is not.

  • In March '05, editor Lou Anders of Prometheus Books attempts to clarify Science Fiction Vs.

  • Godzilla Vs Smog Monster (1971) - A monster created by pollution.

  • In 1962, the movie King Kong vs Godzilla brought the popular American ape monster into battle with Japan's number one monster star and thrilled audiences on both continents.

  • If you are a fan of the famous Godzilla series of movies, then you probably remember one of the most popular and revered of them all; Godzilla vs. The Thing.

  • The American film was edited from the Japanese version, and retitled Godzilla vs. The Thing.

  • Ron Newman's website, "The Church of Scientology vs. The Net" outlines the multitude of legal actions seeking to silence the free speech of former Scientology members and their sympathizers.

  • Geue vs this daye oure dayly bred.



  • And leade vs not into tentation.



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Examples of "Vs" in a Sentence? ›

When you are using American English and are talking about a sports contest, debate, or other type of competition, you can use the abbreviation “vs.” This game is the Wildcats vs. Cougars. Smith vs.

How do you use VS in a sentence? ›

(abbreviation vs.) (used to show the names of two teams or sides) against: The next soccer match is Mexico versus the United States.

Can we use VS in a sentence? ›

Avoid abbreviating versus in day-to-day writing. The coach studied the runners' speed versus (not vs. ) their endurance.

Does VS need a dot? ›

Abbreviations. British English typically does not put a period after an abbreviation. Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms, and vs are all written without periods after them.

What is VS in grammar? ›

vs. is a written abbreviation for versus.

How do you put VS in a title? ›

Capitalizing Prepositions in Titles

We use a style that says to capitalize prepositions with more than four letters, so we capitalize “versus” when it appears in a title. However, other styles say to keep all prepositions lowercase in titles, so on other sites that use other styles, you may see “versus” in lowercase.

How do you use vice versa in a sentence? ›

Examples: Vice versa in a sentence Sam hates her boss, and vice versa. When I'm sad I eat too much, and vice versa. We can go to the theater and then for dinner, or vice versa. All cats are animals, but not vice versa.

How do you use VS in an essay? ›

The Associated Press Stylebook recommends spelling out versus “in ordinary speech and writing” and abbreviating it as v. in court cases. According to AP, the abbreviation vs. is acceptable “in short expressions,” as in “The issue of guns vs. butter has long been with us.”

Can I say VS in an essay? ›

1 Expert Answer

Like any abbreviation, vs. should be used in a casual writing setting (emails, notes, rough drafts, etc.). If writing a formal business document or academic essay, I would always lean toward writing out the full word unless you've received specific permission to abbreviate.

Is VS a proper word? ›

One such case is versus, which is often written in a shortened form. You may choose between vs, vs., and v. Take care, when writing the word out in full, that you distinguish between versus (a preposition meaning “against”) and verses (“lines of metrical writing”).

What is the meaning of vs? ›

(abbreviation for versus) used when making a comparison between two things, ideas, or opinions: The S&P hotel index has gained 40%, vs.

When did versus become verse? ›

The linguist and lexicographer Benjamin Zimmer has traced the usage back to the 1980s. Here's a citation from the Feb. 20, 1984, issue of the New York Times: “To verse: High school slang meaning to compete against another school's team, as in 'We're going to be versing the Brown Bombers next week.

What is the symbol for with vs without? ›

The most common abbreviation for with is to write a W plus a backslash. Typically, it doesn't matter whether you use a lowercase or uppercase W, but most people use just a lowercase W. In internet chats and texting, it's also common to see people write the abbreviation without a backslash.

What type of speech is VS? ›

Answer and Explanation: The word 'versus' functions as a preposition to show the relationship between two words in a sentence. This word is used to show the opposition or contrast between two words in a sentence.

What is grammar vs rule? ›

Grammar means the natural structure of a language in its formation of sound sequences, roots and affixes, phrases and sentences, and extended discourses and texts. Rules are the conscious and formal representations of these intuitively or tacitly understood structures.

What part of speech is VS? ›

Versus is a preposition, with the meaning of “against,” or “in contrast to or as the alternative of.” In use in English since the 15th century, the word comes from the past participle of the Latin vertere, meaning “to turn.” Verses is either the plural form of a noun (“a line of metrical writing”) or the third-person ...

Is VS capitalized in a sentence? ›

[Forum] "Versus" or "vs." in headlines? Pixna, thanks for clarifying that prepositions such as versus and vs. should always be lowercase.

Can you put VS in a paper title? ›

Is it okay to use versus (vs.) in a research title? You definitely can - this is used all the time in meta-analyses.

Does VS have a capital letter? ›

[1] Since "vs." is two letters long, it should not be capitalized. You could use "versus," but "vs." is better, primarily because it's shorter. Note that if you did use "versus," you would have the option of capitalizing it. You could also use "v." but "vs." may be preferable.

What is the rule of vice versa? ›

Vice versa is an adverbial phrase, which means that it plays the role of an adverb. It is commonly used with the conjunctions “and” and “or.” You can also use it with “not” when you want to say “not the other way around.”

Does vice versa mean both ways? ›

“Vice versa” is a phrase that means “the other way around,” or that the reverse order or meaning of a statement is also true.

Does vice versa need a comma? ›

In writing, you can use a comma after the statement, though it is not a requirement. People often put a slight pause before saying “and vice versa,” so the comma allows you to indicate this pause in writing.

How do you write something vs something? ›

This is not an accepted variant of this word. Something is a compound, and should always be spelled as a single word. As you can see, the two-word some thing is so infrequently used that it approached zero. Something is the correct spelling of this pronoun.

Can I use VS in thesis? ›

As a general rule, 'vs. ' is used in parenthetical or ancillary material and should not be used in the running text of a thesis, where the word 'versus' should be used instead.

What is the synonym of versus? ›

in contrast (to) in comparison (to) contrasted (to) athwart. as opposed to.

Can you use and or in a formal essay? ›

The MLA style manual states that “the slash…is rarely necessary in formal prose” and suggests replacing “A and/or B” with “A or B, or both.” The sixth edition of the APA style manual warns not to “use a slash when a phrase would be clearer.” The Chicago Manual of Style also prefers to avoid the use of “and/or” in ...

What word should not be used in an essay? ›

You should try to avoid expressions that are too informal, unsophisticated, vague, exaggerated, or subjective, as well as those that are generally unnecessary or incorrect. Bear in mind, however, that these guidelines do not apply to text you are directly quoting from your sources (including interviews).

Do you capitalize the V in VS? ›

[Forum] "Versus" or "vs." in headlines? Pixna, thanks for clarifying that prepositions such as versus and vs. should always be lowercase.

Is Versus Grammatically correct? ›

In general, abbreviations for “versus” are more informal than spelling the word out. If you need to take a formal tone, you should use the entire word. It's also never wrong to spell out “versus.” If you can't remember which abbreviation is correct for your situation, spelling it out is always a good choice.

Can I use VS in writing? ›

The Associated Press Stylebook recommends spelling out versus “in ordinary speech and writing” and abbreviating it as v. in court cases. According to AP, the abbreviation vs. is acceptable “in short expressions,” as in “The issue of guns vs. butter has long been with us.”

How do you capitalize all letters in VS? ›

Now CTRL + SHIFT + U will capitalise selected text, even if multi line. In the same way, CTRL + SHIFT + L will make selected text lowercase. These commands are built into VS Code and no extensions are required to make them work.

What can I say instead of VS? ›

synonyms for vs

On this page you'll find 11 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to vs, such as: contra, contrary to, counter to, in contrast to, in opposition to, and opposed to.

What is the difference between using and vs or? ›

And is used to connect or join two or more phrases, words, sentences , etc. Or is used to connect two or more possibilities, options, or alternatives .


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