Omnism 101: A Full Guide to the Omnist Belief (2023)

This article is travelling the world. If you happen to be affiliated with a church, please share with the congregation if they arehonestlyseeking Truth and meaning. They should not be deprived of any angles, as it would be an injustice. You may discuss and get their opinions. Thanks and God bless.

ToAll at A Little Bit Human (Omnists),

The following is to be read with an open mind and heart. The end time overview and prophetic picture, although discussed, are not the main theme, for I do not believe most people nowadays need my convincing. They are however but a very important part of a much, much broader context. Please do not quit after the first few paragraphs, but give it a chance — I think it gets better. This is not meant to frighten (but sometimes we need “hard love”), but to encourage and give hope, as the entire text (trust me on this) is delivered with concern and compassion. My desire is that we will all deeply consider the mysteries of our existence and place in the cosmos. Do not miss this golden opportunity! There IS a happy ending to all who want it.

I’m sending this around the world, and I did not want to leave you out. I know you, and most, promote free-thinking, so please sample myAgape Love-Letter, too. If you can intelligently refute any of it, by all means reply. Again, it was written with LOVE!

Maybe much of this you’ve all heard before, but hopefully there is enough mixed in to calm your apprehensions, and give inspiration. I do believe there is a loving and merciful PERSONAL God Who truly cares about us!

Phil from New England

Greetings from New England- Boston, MA area- USA

A much abbreviated version of this “e-mail” was sent out to all my associates in the fall of 2015, in a place of employment that will remain nameless “to protect the innocent.” I assume it was widely rejected, of course, but it did get some good reviews. I was also nearly (and I believe ultimately) terminated for it, as some might consider parts of it somewhat offensive (took a chance, or daring “step of faith” — in this politically correct age, surprise I wasn’t arrested or committed).
However, although maybe disturbing, threatening and haunting for some, the following was written with tact, diplomacy and concern- which is a fine line to walk, but I think this achieves it. Plus a feeble attempt at occasional “corny” levity to defuse the tension (which I will apologize for in advance) as parts of it may be a bit heavy. It starts off harsh and forceful, but that’s to get your attention — give it a chance, I want the Scriptures (many from the letters of the Apostle Paul, as well as the Gospels) to come alive! And I want to appeal to your heart, as well as your mind. It’s a “hard sell” and “soft sell” all rolled into one. Please read it all the way through, slowly, because I think the latter portions are much better, happier and more hopeful (but don’t skip over the former). Pardon my erratic writing style, for this might not always flow as it should (it sorta skips around a bit) — but I’m not a pro, and I usually forget to indent. And apologies to the non-“Yanks” and “Generation Z,” as you might not “get” some of the stupid allusions — but that’s OK. Also maybe a bit lengthy (but I don’t think boring) for some, because it was sitting in my computer file for weeks expanding, while the thoughts rolled in. This type of discussion could go on forever, for it is an unlimited topic, but regrettably I had to stop at some point, although it is always increasing in the file. But you should be able to not only survive it, as it is expressed in very simple terminology (for I believe there is power and profundity in simplicity), but hopefully have your life revolutionized as a result. Up until the present, most of us have been inundated with the non-credible and bogus, but you are now about to encounter the “genuine article.” So put on your helmet and get ready for a bombardment of refreshing sanity. Please read with an open heart, mind and spirit.
As people of Truth, we want to do what we can to advance The Kingdom, so I will “chip-in” my “two cents.” Any feedback (positive or critical), or if you are just a searching soul, send tozeuli2001@yahoo.comand I will try to reply.

To all my friends at xxx, and to whomever else this may travel to:

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Agape Love-LetterGREAT NEWS in Disguise

I’ve planted seeds here for over a decade, and now- Will there be any eleventh hour harvest? I’ve been studying biblical eschatology/prophecy (or the study of human destiny) for many many years, and all the predicted signs are coming together, accelerating and falling into place rapidly with precision. If you haven’t made your decision for the embodiment of Sanity and Truth Jesus Christ yet, do it now. Your planet will be experiencing extremely perilous times with GREAT DECEPTION, and it will affect each and every one of you. I’m not setting any DATES- (Could be ten years, could be next month- NO HUMAN KNOWS for sure. Do not gamble!). But all systems are GO right now for the countdown to get underway for the fulfillment of end time events. The fuse has been lit, and the launch sequence has been activated. We are only seeing the “outskirts” today (high anxiety with mass confusion), but if you delay until “all hell breaks loose”- suddenly and without warning- it will be too late. The ship will have already sailed, so to speak. In other words, get into the proverbial “Ark” now! With the breakdown of honesty and credibility in our society, if we put our faith in MAN (science, medicine, politics/government, technology, economics/business, liberal “progressivism”) to bring about a brighter future, we’re believing a lie. Many of you have known Yours Truly for quite some time, and are therefore without excuse.

Please bear with me. The GREAT NEWS is:

The universally permeating Higher Intelligence (or God if you will) loves you, and at the risk of sounding schmaltzy, so do I. And with this love, as I somewhat vaguely alluded to: a way of escape for you AND your children is provided, as their destiny is with you. This is not about “religion” (which is man’s counterfeit) nor “beliefs,” nor philosophies and opinions. It’s about wisdom, consciousness, understanding, awareness. Most of us (and this spiritually hypnotized world) have been asleep all our lives, now it is time to become DE-hypnotized, or wake up. Instead of looking forward to JUST old age, sickness and death, we CAN have peace of mind and Eternal Life, as it was promised in scripture. This is not a sermon (although some of it might sound like one), it’s a serious plea. No, I’m not a preacher nor brainwashed dreamer, just awake.

I strongly urge you to read this e-mail (or discourse) several times, CAREFULLY, because you will “miss” a lot the first time around, for each line is an essay in itself. Even forward to your friends and loved ones, print it out. REJECT AND DELETE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I cannot over-emphasize its extreme importance!! Human nature being such that we believe what we want to, (and we are all guilty of that to one degree or another) most of the usual reactions may be as follows:
Some of you will hate it and feel insulted, others will mock and ridicule it, some (the wiser ones) will fear but respect it, others will see it as absolute lunacy. Some will be indifferent and shrug it off, saying “whatever, we all have our beliefs.” Others will just skim over it quickly and dismiss as inane babbling and rhetorical nonsense, and tune it out. Some will say “I agree to a point, but there are too many grey areas in life” (true, but this isn’t one of them). Many, probably most, will see it as too painful, threatening and disturbing, and delete it before they get this far (not you obviously). Others will be embarrassed for me (“that weirdo”) for writing it. Still most may say, ”I’m OK the way I am” (but a pig doesn’t know he’s a pig — no insult intended, just an analogy- will expound on that later). Many will also say, ”This ‘religious’ stuff is a crutch for weaklings, I don’t need it” (but you will soon, as it’s easy to say this when you’re young and strong, but things will change). Or especially, “Many atrocities have been committed in the name of ‘religion’ and God” (But that’s just a cop-out and excuse to continue their questionable lifestyles. The far out-weighing charitable activity does not make the headlines). We often hear, “You can’t prove it” (but I won’t have to, it will prove itself). [However the existence of God IS provable through logic. More on that later.] Some will even say, ”I believe trouble IS coming, but it has nothing to do with the Bible” (but you’re wrong, it’s all biblical). Or, “We’re too advanced and sophisticated now to believe those old ancient myths” (wrong again, it’s a timeless message). Still very many will say, “I’ll take my chances” (don’t be a fool!). Another response might be, “I know where he’s coming from, and he’s absolutely right. But I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment yet.” (This one I can actually respect, because I was there once myself. The only problem now is the lateness of the hour). Yet some might feel convicted, or even inspired enough to seriously consider taking the next step, but a few days or weeks go by and they say, “Nah, what was I thinking?” And quite a few might ask, “Who the bleep does he think HE is?” (just an envoy, or the keyboard clicking in the wilderness). Still many will read it through in search of mistakes and discrepancies, in the hope that discrediting will justify their non-compliance (good luck with that). Or maybe you’ve just “heard it all before” (but I doubt it) and become numb to it. — —

So which one will you be? Will I cover everyone? Will I leave anybody out? Keep reading and see if you (or your friends) fall into any of those categories. Most are not ready for this commitment (or better yet submission), but I hope and pray YOU will heed and embrace this alarm/encouragement. For the one, two or just a few, you’re the ones I’m after. If you’re already on board, just nod and applaud. (Sounds a bit poetic — — never mind). But the invitation is open for everybody. We can all be forgiven and redeemed if we’re truly contrite and grateful, no matter what we’ve done. Oh, that’s right I almost forgot, and one more: some might actually find eternal bliss in Paradise!

Remember: This world (the media, education, entertainment, culture, religion, pop psychology, secular philosophy, etc.) are all deliberate distractions (as you will see) to confuse our minds. But The Intelligence (or He) that created and made us, talks to our hearts and souls. The undeniable Truth is what WE ALL* KNOW deep down inside, but are afraid or unwilling to see, admit or say (an “Emperor has no clothes” kinda thing). We KNOW it, but we don’t want to BELIEVE it (sounds like aYogi-ism, but think about it) because it requires something of us. Plus, nobody wants to be called “simple, naïve, narrow-minded, intolerant or even fanatic,” but it’s anything but. And human pride does not want to admit it has been fooled all its life. (It’s not what I’m saying that’s crazy, it’s the fact that I’m saying it, right?) You know you will not be able to INTELLIGENTLY argue with this, without being exposed. So return to what we were taught and knew as children, before the world seduced us away. — As The Man said, “Ye must be Born Again.” (Reference Bible verse John 3:3, referring to a process of dying to the “flesh,” or ego and “self” which leads to death, and a spiritual rebirth to the Christ-like nature with connection to the supernatural leading to life eternal. More later. Also Romans 6:23 and 12:2). A six-year-old might understand much of these things easier than us adults, because ironically initial “salvation” is just a simple message (NOT simplistic), but our silly egos get in the way and cloud our thinking (sin and prideBLINDS the mind). In fact “words” just seem to complicate it, as the humble just “know” it (reference John 10:27–28). Most of The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7) is actually (un)common sense. If we clearly see what Truth is NOT by observing the insanity of humanity, we therefore know what it IS by taking the antithesis. But our world is deceived, and always has been (reference Ephesians 6:12), and the lies and deception will become more and more believable to the population until the whole system is torn down. It’s spiritual warfare being played out on earth (the age-old battle of Good vs. Evil), as it operates through the psyche and emotions of humans, but the natural man does not understand this (reference also 1 Corinthians 2:14). Just as the wisdom of God is foolishness to unconscious man, for it might sound like superstitions and fables (or even the “wah wah” of Charlie Brown’s teacher), or as the lessons of a college professor would seem strange and comical to the giggling kindergartner (more later), as spiritual understanding trumps “human logic” (reference Isaiah 55:8–9, 1 Corinthians 1:25), man’s “wisdom” is also foolishness to God (see 1 Corinthians 1:20):
For instance, although ego and pride is celebrated in this lower animal realm — which by the way is the root of most of yours and the world’s trouble (as you grow spiritually you’ll begin to see this), The Savior taught and lived the opposite — humility with perceptive innocence (reference Matthew 10:16 and Philippians 2:5) and He was the coolest guy that ever lived (next to me and maybe The Fonz, of course — — Juuuust kidding). Almost everything popular culture adheres to is backwards and contrary. Like: “Money, sex and ‘toys’ are the ultimate pursuit and goal” (reference Matthew 6:19–21, Mark 8:36). “More education makes you more successful” (reference Mark 4:12 and 2 Timothy 3:7). “Climb the ladder and achieve your ambitions” (reference Proverbs 16:18). Nothing wrong with all that — after all society has to function. But we must keep in perspective and remember eternal values, as that is all that’s going to ultimately matter, OBVIOUSLY. When we make the aforementioned a priority, we become empty, disillusioned and frustrated (I know — blah, blah) not to mention dull. Keep in mind: Our ego and vanity is nothing more than an illusion, as we may think the whole world is watching and noticing US, but most everyone else are on their OWN little “vanity trip,” so we’re not as prominent in the thoughts of others as we think. You see? Let’s stay humble (reference Matthew 18:3, Mark 10:15, James 4:6), especially before God, it’s the only path to divine revelation — pride makes us spiritually blind and stupid, and is very juvenile.

*(WE ALL in the above paragraph refers to decent, reasonable people with a conscience, who have read this far. All others will have rejected and deleted by now. Continue on, there is hope for you.)

But I pray you can see where things are heading on the big scale. Don’t believe this because I said so, believe it because it makes logical and rational sense to YOU. The Great Apostasy (or mocking and falling away from Biblical Truth and “norms,” rise of atheism and cynicism, false prophets etc.) that was foreseen for the last days is in full swing (see 2 Thessalonians 2:3), and will only increase due to grand worldwide delusion, beginning after The Almighty lifts His protective hands (or some metaphysicians might say “positive energy” — sorry Church, pardon the term) from the world, and the “negative energy,” or dark forces have their way (reference 2 Thessalonians 2:6–8, as the true Christians are the “glue” that is holding the world together right now, also Matthew 5:14). [Note: This is not the end of the planet, just society as we have always known it. Life on earth will be better in the long run, but in the transition from the world of sin and blindness, to the world of goodness and consciousness, there will be much upheaval with severedistress, destruction, death, and as I said, massdeception.(This is actually very much understated, if that’s possible. See Luke 21:25–26). But as stated before, we CAN be saved from it (reference 1 Thessalonians 4:16–18). This event, as you may know, is commonly referred to as the translation or “rapture,” which I believe (as just stated) will trigger the eventual revelation of Antichrist, ushering in the rule of pure evil and the “dark days” for the planet (see Matthew 24:21).]

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All true wisdom, the ability to forgive one another, power over temptation, and ultimate eternal happiness and liberty comes from The On-High Source, as well as all talents and abilities — “To God be the Glory” (and the credit for what you are right now reading, as these words also encourage me myself — we all need it). And there is a God, folks (however we define it)- but not of those SatanicNew Age(a title that encompasses many –isms and –ologies) doctrines that are very popular today (reference 2 Timothy 4:3–4) for they do not deal with sin, repentance and forgiveness by a holy, righteous ultimate Judge and Authority- (ya know, “we’re all ‘One,’ the ‘universe’ loves us as we are, ‘self’ discovery, we can achieve ‘god status’ on our own, choose your own ‘path,’ we make our own reality and judge ourselves, evil and sin do not exist- just erroneous thinking,” — that kinda thing). WATCH OUT, BE CAREFUL!! And although other philosophies, religions etc. will give us many good “truths” and wisdom, the same would also apply. As I said, human nature tends to rationalize and believe what makes it feel comfortable, so in our pursuit of happiness, the quest for objective Truth is usually the casualty (Unitarian/Universalism, for example).If we think of God as our Loving Father, we must realize that TRUE Godly LOVE is correction and discipline in a caring way, and not accepting, embracing and even celebrating everything that is wrong, incorrect and especially sinful or harmful in our fellow man/woman. You wouldn’t treat your own kids that way if you are a good parent, would you?? No, you’d want to raise them properly. So it is with our Heavenly Father. Again, most of our world is deceived.
OOOO! How dare he say all that?! — I may have just lost a bunch more, but I challenge YOU to read on.

So to put it in its most succinct and general terms:
Judaism (one God, Ten Commandments) is the LAMP, and Christianity (indwelling Spirit by a personal God, Redemption/Eternal Life) is the PLUG and SWITCH that turns it on! Or one is thefoundation, and the other thehouse(if you like that one better)- How about thecakeand thefrosting? In other words, the latter fulfills the former (reference Matthew 5:17, John 1:17).So I think you get the picture. Thus we have our Old and New Testaments.Over-simplifying? Perhaps. But that’s basically it.I believe much of the New Age mysticism teaching (nothing “new” about it), aside from the many, mostly subtly deceptive falsehoods, is accurate (i.e. stilling of the mind, existence of the soul, positive thinking, human kindness etc. etc.), and it all sounds quite wonderful and beautiful, and meditation is an essential practice (as long as it focuses on God, and does not pump up pride and human ambition), and we cannot argue with many of the metaphysical principles. So it’s not always WHAT they say, but what’s LEFT OUT is often where the deception lies. [For example: They will always raise Jesus up as a great man of cosmic consciousness, a great teacher of morals, a great prophet- all true of course. But what they DON’T say is: Son of God, Savior, Messiah (yes my “uncompleted” beloved Jewish friends), Anointed One, Redeemer, Lord. So you see, in their teaching He’s just “another great ascended master,” not TOO special (Ha!) This is why even many sincere Christians are taken in, because nowhere is He disparaged (reference Matthew 24:24). Therefore a main reason why this is a very subtle and dangerous counterfeit! Get it?]

IMPORTANT: Although “religious tolerance” (talking philosophically now, not politically and socially) appears to make sense on the surface, leading to peace and harmony, it’s in direct contrast (Hold on Lucy, I ka ‘splain) to the teachings of Christ (reference John 14:6, John 15:18–19 and Matthew 10:34–39. His “sword” is His Word, NO physical violence please). True world peace will come eventually, but only when the heart and mind of man is transformed from above. Until then, because of severely flawed prideful human nature, it will remain elusive. There can only be one ultimate Truth, so to suggest that “all faiths” are equal and valid is folly. (If I say that 1+1= 2 and nothing else, it does not make me narrow-minded, just correct. If you say it makes 3, I will “tolerate” it, but respectfully correct it.) Therefore many roads seem good and harmless, but sooner or later will lead off the cliff (go to Proverbs 14:12). And how do we KNOW this is the Truth? Because it is unpopular and “hits a nerve” like no other “faith or philosophy” (reference James 4:4. This verse does not mean we can’t be friendly, it refers to condoning “sin” and the “ways of the world,” i.e. social liberalism). The Man was not crucified because He was a “nice guy” who agreed with everybody — He ruffled a lot of feathers, but with righteous love (see John 3:17). If you fear and/or hate His message, you now know why He was executed. And it was the most vicious, cruel and humiliating death imaginable. The God of the universe becomes one of us, and demonstrates pure humility by suffering at the hands of His very creations. But He proved His complete divinity by doing something none of us could ever do under those extremely agonizing circumstances: He saw the ones mocking and killing Him through spiritual eyes, responded to the Higher Order and FORGAVE them, asking His Father in Heaven to do the same (Luke 23:34). Can you imagine that?!! It is easy (or natural) to love those who love us, and do good deeds when people are cheering us, but it takes a special (supernatural) power to do good to those who hate us, and the right thing when being made fun of and persecuted (see again Matthew 5:10–12, 43–48).

But as just noted, this same ability and perspective is the real deal and truly a gift and a treasure, but only if we want it (again, most are not ready for it, but the times are URGENT). Everything else, although maybe exciting, pleasurable and satisfying for a time, is usually disappointing, and an eventual dead-end (Yes, THAT too. But I’ll bet it’s better in heaven — snicker, snicker. Just a thought, who knows? See note). People equate physical pleasure and comfort with happiness, but it’s actually two different things — one of life’s great misconceptions, as it does not satisfy the inner being. Insects, fish, birds and animals may be totally “natural” on this earth, because it was made for them. Not so for us humans, who have a higher purpose and destination, and a lot of us are pretty homesick. As you know, we are just zipping through here, and time seems to speed up as we age. As the scripture says, most people are “willingly ignorant” and they “prefer the darkness,” or in modern lingo- They stay in the comfort zone. (But it’s like a prison, and it IS an illusion and temporary. We all know this. Reference James 4:14.)
[Note: When Christ appeared to his disciples after the resurrection, He was not a ghost floating around, but had a very real, TANGIBLE and “glorified” immortal body (kind of likeSupermanin a way, but immune to Kryptonite). He was very functional in every way, and much more so. (This is all biblical by the way. I’m not REALLY crazy. See Philippians 3:20–21.) As our knowledge progresses in the future, we will begin to understand metaphysical realities, including principles of molecular science and energy, that we have just barely begun to uncover. Jesus, though, understood and utilized all this, enabling Him to perform so many miracles. And His total lack of ego, pride and sin (which are barriers) allowed God’s POWER to work so freely through Him. (I pity the scientist, as the more he THINKS he’s learned, the more he realizes he doesn’t know — one step forward, a million back). The TIMELESS Bible is way, way ahead of its, or I should say our, time (reference 1 Corinthians 15:53–55, and 1 John 3:2 which states His followers will someday be like Him). As the mind, body and soul are all interconnected, I believe there is a strong correlation between “sin” and the aging process, as it not only blinds our minds and hardens our hearts and souls, but eats away at our bodies as well. Thus in the case of Our Lord and those who love Him and aspire to be like Him, it would seem theperfect-er, theimmortal-er. But only in theory of course, as none of us could ever achieve this on our own. Therefore Christ’s bestowed righteousness and Eternal Life STILL REMAIN unmerited gifts, what we call Grace (reference again Romans 6:23 and Ephesians 2:8–9). We just have to cultivate and develop it every day with God’s help. Like receiving a free birthday present, but “assembly required” (see Philippians 2:12). So for all you sep — …I mean …skeptics out there, this is not mythology, but very scientific. And there is also the supernatural element to consider (not a contradiction, but I believe a combination, as God invented and USES science). You see, if SCIENCE and NATURE originate from God, it’s all supernatural anyway (more later). For example: yes, the miracle of childbirth is natural and biological, but a MIRACLE nonetheless. We have as much ability to understand The Transcendent Intelligence with OUR finite brains, as the microscopic dust mite has to understand humanity with HIS. (Next time you’re on a jumbo jet at high altitude, look out the window and try to find the people, and you’ll see what I mean). Open up your heart and mind. If we come with simple childlike faith, these things will be revealed to us (Matthew 11:25), but if we try to “figure it out” first with intellectual pride, we never will. Do not put the “cart before the horse.” We’re not talking about gullible “blind faith,” it’s about trusting The Heavenly Father, just as you want YOUR kids to trust YOU — because you love and care about them, even though they may not yet understand, and will often rebel (Get the parallel?? reference Hebrews 11:6). This kind of “faith” shows humility, obedience, and trust in a loving Cosmic Parent, and is entirely liberating and LOGICAL.] Vulcan solute…read on, earthlings.

To reiterate- We’re approaching frightening times for the “unsaved” or unredeemed, as it were, but hopeful and exciting times for God’s children. If you respond positively to this invitation, you will perceive things from a whole new perspective, and a whole new universe will open up to you — all old “paradigms” will be shattered — (the earth is not flat after all). Whereas the sleeping man does not know he’s asleep until he wakes up, you’ll laugh at how blind and unconscious you really were (like Dickens’Scroogeon the morning after — reference 2 Corinthians 5:17). THIS lower physical dimension with linear time, finite space and perishable matter that we are accustomed to, is just a fraction of all that exists. (Our five-senses are limited to this reality. Have you ever seen radio waves? What makes the flock of birds all turn together? Can you take a “hunk” of human emotion, or gravity, and examine it under a microscope? And these are just a few things we take for granted everyday.) The worldly intellectuals and haughty scoffers* are soon to be humbled (again Proverbs 16:18, also 1 Corinthians 1:27), but the meek- NOT WEAK- will be exalted (see Matthew 5:5). It sounds like fiction, but it will soon be revealed as reality. From the virgin birth to the resurrection, do NOT put limits on an infinite God, where ALL things are possible! The scripture says, ”The eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9, see also Psalm 37:4). It is NOT “sitting on a cloud and playing a harp” in a painfully boring existence, as the enemy of your soul has tricked you into believing. On the contrary, it IS an incredible reward that none of us can even begin to come close to earning nor deserving. (More on that later). The scriptures do not describe this in much detail. If you want your kid to eat his Brussels sprouts and broccoli, you do not put the ice cream on the table — we first have business to take care of on this earth.

*Did you know that when you scoff at the Bible, you are fulfilling prophecy? (reference 2 Peter 3:3–4).

However,IFYOU STILL REFUSE THE OFFER, AND ARE AROUND TO ENDURE THE TRIBULATION PERIOD, DO NOT BELIEVE THE OFFICIAL PROCLAMATIONS AND EXPLANATIONS OF THE “POWERS THAT BE” IN THIS WORLD.As I said,IT WILL ALL LOOK AND SOUND VERY CREDIBLE AND CONVINCING,BUT VERY CLEVER HIGH-TECH AND SUPERNATURAL DEMONIC DECEPTION AND LIES. TRUST AND OBEY JESUS CHRIST, NOBODY ELSE!!(again Matthew 24:24, and 2 Thessalonians 2:9–12). Satan, the devil, demons — do not get hung up on names and words. But we are dealing with a highly intelligent source of evil, illusion and delusion (again Ephesians 6:12 and 2 Corinthians 11:14) that knows our weaknesses. But only we who are awake have been given authority over it through prayer and daily awareness (reference Ephesians 6:11 and 1 John 4:4), all else are totally subject to it. One of its greatest, and for the most part successful objectives is having us believe that it is silly superstition and does not exist! Know this: It is very afraid of you reading this message, because it does not want to lose you. It wants to drag you down to where it (he and his minions) will eventually end up — hell, or maybe a “black hole??” (see Revelation 20:1–3). Misery loves company. If you are not sure if there’s a hell (or some kind of severe consequence for transgression and iniquity), and the scriptures indicate there is, and gravitating away from God is a CHOICE WE MAKE everyday (reference John 3:19, 2 Peter 3:9) with our free will rebellion, is it wise to take that chance?? If we do not accept God’s free gift payment, then WE will have to pay somehow, for it is a fair and JUST universe, and the books must be balanced. With all the moral confusion and increasing temptation in today’s world, can’t you sense there is a battle for our souls? And it is intensifying in these foretold biblical end times (see Revelation 12:12).

Why was the scarecrow able to flee thecornfield?Got out of hiscorn-tract.

Sorry. Getting a little intense.

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As you know, treachery, corruption and mis/disinformation, plus withholding of facts has been in the works for a long time by our governments and news media. And just as you suspect, the “authorities” keep the public in the dark on many issues to preserve their power, wealth and influence. Diversion is a common tactic: the media focuses on certain issues, while other events are taking place that they do not want us to be aware of. There is evidence that (let’s call it) The Illuminati, or “enlightened” ones (very broad and general term) are not only preparing for WWIII and/or EMP or cyber attacks, but are planning them, to reduce the population (“for the good of the planet and survival of the species” — I guess the end justifies the means, right? Really.) We know that MANY (mostly men) in high powerful positions “pulling strings” behind the scenes will not leave anything to chance if they can POSSIBLY affect it and get away with it (i.e. the economy, stock market, elections etc.- and yes, maybe even the climate and weather??). And it is infiltrating into all levels of society. They WILL because they CAN — there are no “scruples” to stop them. Who was it that said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely?” (it was Lord Acton — just Googled it up). But from the possible utilization of covert (I believe demonically conceived??) advanced alien(?)* technical “know-how,” to subterranean cities to protect the “elite,” etc., “they” have and will go to extreme lengths. Obviously this is not NEWS to a lot of us, but many would not be able to handle this discussion, for it is quite unnerving, and the tendency would be to say, “I dunno. I wouldn’t go THAT far.” (Even I say that to some of the theories put out there, especially on the internet. But then I say, “Hmm, I wouldn’t put it past them, though”). And you might already think I’m a paranoid conspiracy theorist “nut job” (but I’m not — — just a normal, sane “nut job”), but to elaborate on this any further would only appear to confirm it in your mind, so I will stop. But we find that Truth is much MUCH stranger than fiction, when we get our heads out of the sand. Trust me on this. What was once the “stuff” of science fiction, is now becoming generally plausible to the mainstream. To quote the angel in that classic American Christmas movie, “You’re gonna see a lot of strange things from now on” (reference again Luke 21:25–26). Some of this is conjecture of course, and I’m not exposing anything new, as this may be common knowledge to many- like they say, “The best hiding place is right out in the open,” as few would believe it anyway, and we are powerless to stop it. However these are “Twilight Zone” times, and the “future” is here and NOW, no longer “some day.” Again, your news media is just a “smoke-screen.”
*[If you have trouble digesting that ‘demonically conceived’ or ‘alien’ notion, I fully understand, as it is (or used to be) extremely bizarre to our human thought process. But as you know, our TV, radio and internet media have been conditioning us to easily accept it, as I believe the authorities will incorporate this into their explanations to the shocked and panicking public looking for answers, as these “beings,” or fallen angels will be falsely portrayed as benevolent, to save earth from destruction and help mankind “advance.”** However, do not doubt their reality (return one more time to Ephesians 6:12). Evil might be considered generally invisible to our dimension, but can and does also manifest itself in many visible and tangible ways, as you probably may suspect. We ARE increasingly seeing intelligences out there, but most are totally MISUNDERSTANDING what they are seeing. Again, much of the “alien phenomena” is still hidden from the general public. Plus scientists, astronomers and astronauts “in the know” will not acknowledge it out of fear of being discredited. And many in government are “in cahoots” with it, as an alliance of control and power.] Hard to believe? Yaaa-no.

**One POSSIBLE plausible explanation COULD be: “Those missing people (Christians) were ‘removed’ by our extraterrestrial ‘friends’ (or ‘gods’) to be ‘schooled,’ because ‘narrow-thinking’ people who lay ‘guilt trips’ on us stand in the way of human progress and create division. The ‘renaissance’ of Man, ‘quantum leap’ in knowledge and ‘Age of Aquarius’ were being impeded by such backward ‘non-progressive’ people who believe in silly outdated ‘superstitions.’ Now we can be free to establish the ‘Utopian’ society that we all have longed for. So planet earth and its inhabitants are therefore now ready to begin the process of becoming accepted by the alien ‘gods’ who created us, enabling earth to ‘graduate’ into the Intergalactic Network of Advanced Civilizations. Follow and worship us (or our heroic new leader) and you will live forever (altering DNA?) as gods and goddesses, and your dreams will come true!” — —

Or something similar to that effect.Clever lies.A counterfeit of the REAL plan of salvation, without TRUE repentance. The above dialogue might sound fictitiously strange now, but perceptions of reality will be altered when revealed evil intervenes in human affairs.

So you see, the population will be told what it wants to hear, and always suspected about Christians anyway, thus “confirming” its long held beliefs (“This guy ‘tells it like it is!’ ”). But then again, so much turmoil and death will be taking place simultaneously, it is very possible the disappearance of Christians might simply coincide. And like “you know who” before him, this “Beast” will “scapegoat” the Jews and hunt them down along with NEW Christians who will then find Truth because of the “seeds” now (today) being planted. (Read Revelation 13). So you may be martyred, but your soul will be saved. This should behoove and compel you, as stated very early on, to get ready NOW and escape all this!

In other words, the Scriptures indicate there is coming a short time of “strong arm” rule, presumably established by the Antichrist possibly after he looks like a great hero and genius, “confirms,” enforces and expands a (maybe emergency) unity agreement (or peace treaty, either self-negotiated or already in place by predecessors) with many nations (globalism?) and religions (see Daniel 9:27, a prophetic “week” being seven years, the length of the Tribulation Period, as most have traditionally believed). Also protecting Israel and Her right to exist, consolidating the world under his government (political, religious, military and economic system), and along with his “right hand man” the False Prophet, exhibiting supernatural (and EXTREMELY high-tech) powers astonishing the world (again 2 Thessalonians 2:9, for they will be satanically inhabited and empowered). I believe within this period Christianity will be almost completely SEEMINGLY discredited, as he himself enters into the newly built temple in Jerusalem and claims to be the Messiah, and thus God, deceiving most of the population (reference 2 Thessalonians 2:4). The “Mark” (which is tantamount to a swearing of allegiance to the devil) will most likely be implemented at this time (reference again Revelation 13:15–18). But it will be a short-lived pseudo “peace and prosperity,” as the scripture states, “For when they shall say ‘Peace and Safety’ then sudden destruction comes upon them, and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3). I believe this is referring to temporarily “blinded” Israel and the non-believing pagan world. So to all earthly inhabitants at this time, do not get complacent as severe trouble WILL persist, and quickly become increasingly intense (emphasizing again Luke 21:25–26).
[FYI: Prophecy scholars will sometimes disagree on the timing and sequence of many of these events, for the Bible does not always “spell it out” like A, B and then C, as it was revealed to different authors (prophets, speaking in the ancient vernacular, from the perspective of their day) of various times and places. It’s a healthy and fun debate on peripheral issues, which is fine as long as we concur on important moral matters and vital doctrine. But I think you get the gist.** If we could figure it all out precisely, we would tend to put off repentance until the last minute, but God is too smart for us devious minded humans. Exact timing and, with the exception of parts of the Book of Revelation, sequence is meant to be a mystery, forcing us to be ready at all times (reference Matthew 24:36–44, Luke 17:26–30). But those of us who are awake will know the general times and “seasons” (see 1 Thessalonians 5:1–9). For instance, when you see the clouds roll in and the sky turns black, the wind picks up, the thunder roars and the lightning flashes, you cannot predict the exact second you will feel that first drop of rain, but you know it will be pretty darn soon, not tomorrow or next week! This is why we must never set dates, but always remain watchful and alert, for all the predicted indicators are now upon us (see also Daniel 12:10).]

**Keep in mind: Anything written long ago, translated into hundreds of languages and passed down through the centuries is naturally going to be subject to some mis-translations and misinterpretations. It’s like that “telephone gossip” game we played when we were kids (as “Mary had a little lamb his fleece was white as snow” could turn into “Scary was the Son of Sam police had quite a foe” — now he’s reaching). When it was originally proclaimed and documented back in the day in the contemporary languages, there was not as much confusion. So some minor distortions are inevitable (we should be mindful of this in advance), and many will cite apparent “inconsistencies” as reason to doubt (there are multiple modern versions just in the English language alone). But unlike my “gossip” example, the true meaning or lesson is seldom SIGNIFICANTLY altered (like, “She went to the store to buy food” becoming “She drove to the supermarket to purchase bread” — different words, same essential meaning). Although we DO have to be careful, for as we all know, the original manuscripts were not in English, and only those were precisely accurate. Hebrew is a much more articulate language, and especially Greek for the New Testament (with apologies to the Queen). But the English is PLENTY reliable, and tells us all we NEED to know. Plus, if the (b)ible was the perpetration of a great big hoax, as some cynics will contend, wouldn’t the fraudsters be extremely painstakingly careful about not allowing any POSSIBLE discrepancies nor errors, so as to make their scam believable and readily acceptable?? Think about it. So why did the True Author allow debate in this matter? Keep reading.
As explained earlier, most of the Bible is a spiritual book that takes a special wisdom and insight to comprehend and interpret (please see again 1 Corinthians 2:14), and is mostly not discernible to the casual reader (see Proverbs 3:5–6, as we tend to look at things through our limited human perspective, and not the spiritual big picture, “You’re not thinking 4th dimensionally, Marty!”). One has to grow in understanding to absorb its true meaning. (The first grader will not “grasp” books on calculus and trigonometry until he reaches college, maybe.) We may not understand something we read in scripture now, but with spiritual development, we might a year (or even a lifetime) later. So it takes SINCERE prayer, thought, and a forever ongoing inspirational process with enlightenment from God’s (Holy) Spirit of Truth (see John 14:16–17, 26). We will never understand everything, there will always be more questions than answers, with many moral grey areas (there are buttons on my TV remote I have no clue their function, but the remote still exists and works, and I enjoy TV). And there will always be the usual confusion, frustration and sometimes depression that is normal for us “thinking” people, but again, it is a process. [Side note: Most moral “grey areas” arise when an original principle is violated, opening up Pandora’s “can of worms” box, thus resulting in endless and needless moral confusion. Go back to the Garden of Eden story in Genesis. If everybody on the planet obeyed God’s laws from the “get-go,” and continued to do so with the NEW nature (more in a bit), ethical dilemmas would be virtually nonexistent. But this is obviously not the case because ours is a fallen world]. So don’t be discouraged, the more we fall in love with Truth, the more hungry and motivated we will be — it is not laborious (see Matthew 11:28–30). HOWEVER, the basic message of the Gospel (or Good News) — humility, repentance of sin, forgiveness by a pure loving Savior and perfect Heavenly Father, with the gift of Life Eternal in Glory — is CRYSTAL CLEAR in the scriptures, and is available to all of us equally (see Romans 10:9–13), we CAN be sure of that! So the skeptic who DOES NOT WANT to believe might skim through once or twice, or even meticulously study to find “holes,” but the deliberate (or usually subconscious) lack of objectivity and true honest desire leaves him without excuse, for most are out to “prove” their preconceived bias, taking verses out of context and misapplying. They will go to great lengths to try to explain away Christianity, as their souls are not ready for, nor compatible with TRUE innocence and righteousness (tough words — not “broad-brushing” everyone, but a general statement). Anyway it is not all MEANT to be read easily like a simple textbook, for God wants us to diligently seek Him and pursue Truth, indicating sincerity (Matthew 7:7–8, 2 Timothy 2:15 and again Hebrews 11:6). And those who are not ready for it would only mock and reject it (see Matthew 7:6). This is also why oftentimes Jesus spoke in parables to the unready masses, but later explained them to His disciples. I also think the Heavenly Judge allows a strong debate with APPARENTLY compelling points from the other side to allow for FREE WILL. And yes, we do have one — I know some say we do not, but I believe that’s a cop-out. (Please see Acts 2:21, and again 2 Peter 3:9. For even if your fate is predetermined as some believe, right now YOU don’t know it, so the option is still there. Make no assumptions. A little tricky, but please try to understand that). And if EVERYTHING were laid out transparently, it would take away our choice and reason to search, wonder and pray (He gave us minds of our own). Even so, don’t you want your kids to love, respect and aim to please you of their own volition, and not because you are forcing them to?? (I think I said something like that earlier.) Again, it is all about a pure heart and humble spirit. Without that we will forever deny and reject these teachings (Matthew 5:8, 11:25).

[Consider just these few simple examples: Exodus 20:11 says that The Lord created everything in 6 days, and “rested” on the 7th. Apparently this cannot be literal as there is no TIME as we understand it in the spiritual realms (see 2 Peter 3:8). There has to be a deeper meaning here.
Also, 1 Timothy 6:10 King James Version states that the love of money is the root of ALL evil. This is obviously not quite true. But many other versions say that the love of money is the root of ALL KINDS of evil. There you go, now THAT’S more like it!!
Or “Thou shalt not kill” should be “Thou shalt not commit murder.” Right??
Also, probably the most well-known and important verse in the New Testament, John 3:16, states “whosoeverbelieves in,” but really means: whosoeverfollows, trusts in and obeys. That word “believes,” although very true, seems to be a bit weak here. You can believe in something intellectually without it necessarily affecting your life and actions.
So you see again, we cannot take everything at face value when reading the English Scripture. We have to study and decipher with deeper understanding, as much of God’s Word is such. But on the other hand, most of it IS straightforward and literal. So we must be discerning.]

But shifting gears back to you, my associates. Also important: If you’re shy with me, don’t worry- you can consider these words (or not) privately. I promise I will NEVER bother you. (But my window is always open, and it’s all strictly confidential. I can learn from you. We’re all in this together.) But your relationship to Your Maker is your own personal, private business, and it does not have to involve me nor anybody else. This cannot be forced on anybody. However, when you grow in faith and confidence, you could develop a strong desire to share with others, and not have the burden of worrying what they think of you. (If the blind man was walking into traffic, you would grab him, even though you may hurt his arm). But first things first. The caterpillar cannot become a butterfly until it’s ready. And I’m not talking about “trying” to be “good” through will power (it is because we want to, not because we have to). It’s about a changed nature from within, and a love of God and Truth (which only comes from above). But, as I said, we have to really desire it. It’s a simple prayer, a humble repentant attitude and a change in direction. You won’t have to give anything up, except for overt sin. What’s negative (resentment, anger, addictions etc.) will eventually give YOU up- you’ll lose interest and transcend it (and be free from it) with divine help and discipline. You will still enjoy all the “pleasures” of life, but you won’t have the same kind of NEED for them, if you know what I mean.

Let’s stop our subtle rebellion and denial, and obey the Higher Order. We CAN find sanity and meaning in our otherwise meaningless “Ground Hog Day” existence (reference Ecclesiastes 1, which mentions secular “wisdom”). You’ll find the divine purpose for which you were created is the ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE in this insane asylum (sorry) we call “the world.” Think about it, and if you’re really honest with yourself, you will agree. I’m sure you’re probably a nice, decent law abiding person, but measured against the Perfect Standard, ALL OF US fall miserably short (Romans 3:23). “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). If we think we can “measure up” and be “good” on our own, it is called self-righteousness, which is pride, not TRUE virtue, and we are fooling ourselves (see 1 John 1:10). However, we are not guilty for being born with a “fallen” human nature, but when offered a way out (forgiveness, salvation and redemption) by our Maker and we reject it, we are now guilty because, yes, one is NOT a choice, but the other IS. (I know you understand this). That is why The Great Redeemer came 2000 years ago to show us The Way (God in human form so we can relate to Him — John 14:7-10), pay our penalty and rescue us, and will be returning back to THIS reality in power and glory to reign for 1000 years (and straightening out the earth) with His followers, which is like the first day of all eternity! (again 2 Peter 3:8). Be ready. This is not a fairy tale. — (Sorry to sound a little “preachy” here… No, I guess I’m not). His “True Church,” or future government, has been in the process of being “called-out” or recruited for the last 2 millennia, and is just about complete. There is still room for you. (Soon you will understand this). I repeat: There will be NO human cure for the ills of society at large, until the heart of man changes from within. This is an OBVIOUS TRUTH that humankind cannot and does not want to see, again, because pride gets in the way (a definite “Forest for the trees” thing). This is why Jesus came the first time, and why He will return the second time to set up HIS government — on earth, but not of “worldly” politics and corruption as we’ve always known (see John 18:36–37). Also complete access and interaction with the spiritual realms, in our new aforementioned glorified, tangible bodies!

(Video) Omnism and Compatibility + The Blind Men and the Elephant - History of Reality 101 Appendix A

These are not “normal” times (if there is or ever was such a thing). Because we (most of us) were born into a world of high technology and great innovation, we tend to take it for granted. But as you know, most of this came about in the last century or so, as far as OUR recorded history is concerned, notwithstanding any possible theoretical fallen high-tech civilizations from the very distant past, could be. (Stop rambling, Doc). Nothing against computer technology, we all use it, love it and depend upon it to function in today’s society. But it has failed to make us truly happy and is a trap, and accelerating exponentially toward a crash (way faster than we could imagine), and as you’ve probably sensed, man’s morality is not keeping up. So we aree-volving, yetde-volving(likepro-gressivismis really moralre-gressivism, see Isaiah 5:20–21). All the while the masses are being distracted and “dumbed down” with their heads buried in their addictive electronic gadgetry as they’ve forfeited their hearts and souls, plus the perpetual deafening and hypnotic noise (today’s “music” — whoops!, just dated myself) at most public events, not to mention constant entertainment (or mostly mindless garbage to distract us from Truth — TV, movies, sports, clubs, bars etc.) and the legalization of dope, making them ripe for deception, which is evil’s agenda. And the instantaneous gratification robs us of developing patience and endurance. One of Einstein’s greatest fears: technology becoming smarter than the people, is now realized. As the ancient scriptures written way back in antiquity said, In THAT day “many will run to and fro (modern travel), and knowledge (this includes technical AND spiritual) will be increased” (Daniel 12:4). Futuristic back then, but sound like today? If you back up and view the great expanse of time, you will clearly realize WE are living in an extraordinary era. The climax of world history is about to unfold (If you still doubt this, please check out again Matthew 24:36–39, and Luke 17:28–30 as most of this world will be caught unawares). These are not just random events in a great big cosmic accident, but an ingenious master plan on a prophetic timeline, as all of God’s Word comes down to this. It will all culminate in eventual world peace and harmony, but before that day comes, sin, evil and demonic activity will have to intensify (the spiritual portals are now opening) and run their course ON- as well as IN (crop circles? underworld forces?) and AROUND (Ephesians 2:2, as mentioned, UFO’s, alien activity??)- this planet, before they are defeated and ultimately (Please read Revelation 20) finally punished forever or destroyed. World history is replete with sin, evil and war from day one, and most people accept it as normal or “just the way it is,” but it is FINALLY going to be dealt with. But we were given a “free will,” and you will have to make a choice- there won’t be any middle ground. Make the obvious choice now while you still have this short window, and you will not have to pay a heavy price. (Soon you will understand that statement as well).

Why did the farmer feedcornto the hogs?They werecorn-stipated.

That’s it, I promise. Now get up off the floor.

Ahhemm… Be objective and look at the big picture. We all instinctively feel, and even a staunch atheist* must acknowledge that something is about to give in this world, sooner rather than later. I know that every generation says this, but all the signs are happening simultaneously for the first time in history, as was predicted (reference Matthew 24:33, Luke 21:31), and as I just attempted to state, most of them could only be possible in this day and age — specifically: modern arms race and WMD’s- nuclear proliferation, space warfare (yes, no longer futuristic), technical means to establish insidious and sinister control stealing our privacy and leading to eventual world domination- [i.e. What better “solutions” to the identity theft or drug trafficking problems than a “micro-chip” hand or forehead implant? Or maybe a digital tattoo?- “Mark of the Beast??” We’ll see. It’s ready to go now.] And with the entire planet known and populated- societally sanctioned, and celebrated, rampant WORLDWIDE moral depravity (sexual deviancy, abortion etc.) Obviously, like labor pains, more frequent and intense wars/civil unrest, pandemics, famines, earthquakes etc. (see Matthew 24:7,8 and Luke 21:10,11). Plus, interconnected global economy, technically sophisticated organized terrorism with a sharp resurgence in persecution of Christians and Jews (Where’s the mainstream media coverage?), as well as the VERY VERY prophetically significant rebirth of Israel (1948), with the Jews back in the land and re-taking Jerusalem (1967), along with ever-increasing vows by their enemies to “wipe them off the map” in the always volatile and tumultuous Mideast, only NOW with the means to attempt (and they will) to achieve it- (but The Almighty promises to intervene, by natural disasters). — — That’s naming just a FEW that I’m sure you know. But many others are only discernible to the spiritually aware and Biblically conscious. You have to know what to look for- do not trust your media, as they are, for the most part, deceitful and dead spiritually, behind compassionately friendly faces. (For example: They will always describe the killer as having a “mental disorder,” but not under evil influence, for they would have to acknowledge the supernatural and the truth of scripture.) [Let me give you another example out of very many: Did you know that Jesus said He would return when the message of His coming kingdom and gospel reached every nation in the world? (reference Matthew 24:14) For the FIRST time, through some of the very technology that I alluded to, this Great Commission (Mark 16:15) is occurring NOW in OUR LIFETIME! That’s a major headline! At the same time many around the globe are falling further into iniquity, confusion, occult practices and cults, many are also longing for meaning by finding salvation and redemption. So there is a polarization going on. Now let me ask you- Do you think you will hear reports of THAT nature on your nightly news?? Ha! I doooon’t THINK so!]
*Speaking of atheists (people trying to escape God and accountability), I believe MOST if not ALL know deep inside there IS a Supreme Moral Intelligent Being. Why else would many be so bothered and threatened by school prayer, Ten Commandments, nativity scene etc.? I know it interferes with the liberal agenda, but if it’s all a “myth,” then why not just laugh it off as you would the Great Pumpkin or Spaghetti Monster? Why not? Because they’re haunted, disturbed and convicted by it (but that might be good — please see Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 9:10). And their pride, which as I said blocks rational thinking, does not allow them to acknowledge something greater and smarter than themselves, which they will ultimately have to answer to. Many are “cocky” and think they’re being cool, tough and logical (or “too self-sufficient and ‘sensible’ to believe in fables,” but read on and see later why they are self-deluded). They don’t believe because they don’t WANT to — it is based upon EMOTION: strong will, or subconscious fear, sometimes anger (maybe past negative experiences with phony “religious” people) etc., but not rationale. So it is not really a “science and reason” issue, but often a harboring of resentment, sin and PRIDE issue (some more so than others, of course). They will never consciously admit all this of course, even to themselves, but they know it in their souls. And why does the evolutionist naturally assume his (I believe) fallacious THEORIES to be true?** Same reason. As the scripture says, “The FOOL says in his heart, ‘There’s no God’ ” (Psalm 14:1, see also Romans 1:22). Don’t worry, I am not “picking on” them. I said all THAT to say THIS:The very God they say does not exist, loves them regardless, and His invitation is wide open.

**By the way, Why is a monkey still a monkey? (insert punch line here — skip it) Or an ape still an ape? But shouldn’t they have “evolved” by now? It’s a very common, reasonable question. (Forgot their answer. Must not have been too impressed. For “intellectuals” will try to impress us, going on and on with intricate tedious jargon to make themselves appear brilliant, but it’s hollow rhetoric designed to confuse. As I said before: There is power and profundity in clarity and common sense, not pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo.) And EVEN IF specious and spurious (Wik them up) evolution was true, it still would not disprove the existence (which is actually impossible) of the God Who created all science and nature, does it? Are the two mutually exclusive?* Likewise, even if all “religion” (as I said, man’s and the devil’s counterfeit) could be debunked, that too would not disprove God, as they areseparate things. If you “exposed” an Elvis impersonator, would that prove therewas no Elvis? No,in fact it would suggest the opposite (but I DO think he has finally left the building). And do corrupt lawyers and politicians disprove the existence of law and government? As you know, everything real has its fake, as cubic zirconia presumes the diamond, the hypocritical mercenary preacher presumes the honestly devoted minister, religious terrorism presumes the loving, peaceful trustworthy spiritual. And some astrophysicists, by the way, will be OK with the term “intelligent design,” but stop just short of admitting to a G-G-G — — .

*You see, this is why the debates between evolutionists and creationists are always a stalemate. We cannot prove nor disprove (in a laboratory with a test tube) the existence of God through science and nature, for they were conceived and created BY God, Who lies outside and above it all. Nature, or our mothers, gave birth to us, but did not create us. Please think about this. Will explain in just a bit.

Anyway, volumes can and have been written on philosophy, psychology, sociology, spirituality, metaphysics, hypnosis, Christian apologetics, eschatology. But obviously this is only a “taste” and synopsis. And I could only touch on them because 1) as I mentioned, our time and space is limited, and more importantly 2) I’m not that smart — leave it to the experts, I’m just a singer, and as you my co-workers now know, an actor as well. (Besides I’m too laz — …I mean…motivationally challenged, to write a book.) But the bottom line is my “fishing net” is cast, and NOW is your chance to come over to the winning side — don’t blow it. You’ve been officially warned.

Although we are all different in this life, each one of us created uniquely, to reflect the Light (go to John 8:12) in infinite ways, with various personalities and backgrounds, we all share many of the same anxieties, fears, emotions, confusion and depression- only in various forms. (Nice idea for a teen angst flick — — forget it). And I “feel your pain” because I’m definitely no exception. As I said, we’re all in this together, it’s the human condition. We’re all “works in progress” — I’m no longer a pot smoking lose — …ah…hippy. (Yes, past tense. I know what you’re thinking). And I do see a glorious future for all who will embark on the journey. This invitation is generic, as it crosses all racial, ethnical, language, economic status and cultural barriers — naturally, it’s universal Truth. Many who say that nothing is “knowable” nor “provable” just prefer it that way — another cop-out excuse. But it will be revealed if we truly desire. We might not always be able to persuade the unready majority (if held to a popular vote, the Truth would lose in a landslide). For even in the face of irrefutable logic and evidence, they still have a voluntary free will and option to disbelieve (another example of how great God is), but we can have proof for ourselves. Thus we are plainly told, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened” — Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:7–8). In other words, if we seek God’s will with humble diligence, our prayers will eventually be answered according to His plan, for He is not a cosmic “genie” (see James 4:8, 5:16), but a loving Fa


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