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The Worst: Chicago. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is a love it or hate it situation for most Americans. While many will defend this thick and gooey type of pie as the best in the country, this is.

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The best and worst cities in America for pizza lovers Based on methodology that combines survey data with price and other metrics, Denver is No. 1 and NYC isn't in the top 10.

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Mozzarella. Pepperoni. Tomato Sauce. Salt. The infamous pizza cake came to life in April of 2014 when a Canadian-based chain Boston Pizza started a campaign called Pizza Game Changers, where the public was called in to vote on the next big thing when it comes to pizza-related products. Pizza cake won the race by miles and since its appearance.

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Invented at the same time in 1980 by Ed LaDou and the chefs at the famous restaurant Chez Panisse, this type of pizza is characterized by combining New York and Italian thin crust with unique and unusual topping combinations.The crust is light, airy, and tender, while the toppings range from chicken and shrimps to peanut sauce, barbecue sauce, goat cheese, and pineapples.

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According to 2023 data by Clever Real Estate, Columbus has ranked in the bottom 10 cities on their list of "The Best Pizza Cities in America.". Their methodology for ranking us so low has to do with a variety of factors from the U.S. Census, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Google Trends, Thrillist, Pizza Today, US.

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Papa Johns. Papa Johns Pizza / Facebook. We're not saying that Papa Johns's is a beacon of high-quality food, but this restaurant chain is one example of poor quality in other ways—namely, a lack of quality character from its disgraced ex-CEO. "Papa" John Schnatter's public image has turned into a veritable dumpster fire in recent years.

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The #1 position in the worst pizza chain restaurant proudly belongs to Chuck E. Cheese. This pizza joint cleverly disguised as an arcade has been providing families with tomato sauce and cheese-covered cardboard since 1977. A large pizza will set you back at least $14. Consumer Affairs reports over 170 negative reviews ranging from poor service.

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But the least favorite pizza in Wisconsin has been described as having "artificial-tasting cheese". That won't fly in America's Dairyland. However, there are still 8 places in Wisconsin where you can grab a slice of this terrible pizza and do much more. The Top 5 Worst Pizza Places In Wisconsin

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But remember, pizza should unite us all, so here are popular pizza chains, ranked from worst to best. 19. Chuck E. Cheese. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Chuck E. Cheese makes the list because of.

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Of course, you instantly regret it about an hour into your five-hour flight, because Pizza Hut airport pies don't exactly sit lightly. 16. Papa John's. Bloomberg/Getty Images. The youngest and smallest of the big four pizza chains, Papa John's promises to stand out by offering "better ingredients, better pizza."

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In New York State, there are 68 locations. CiCi's came in at Number 2, with no more remaining locations in New York State. Chuck E. Cheese ranked Number 1 as the worst pizza in America. Common Criticisms: Unappetizing cheese, Toppings that lack quality, Cardboard-like crust, High prices". In New York, there are still 20 locations left.

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Sales are booming at a pizza place that Dave Portnoy branded the "worst" in the United States. Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Massachusetts, said in an Instagram post that it was "completely sold out.

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The owner of the Somerville pizza shop dubbed "the worst pizza place in America" by Dave Portnoy says business is booming. Dragon Pizza posted on Facebook that they had to close on Tuesday, Sept.

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Not That: California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Chicken. Nutrition (⅓ pizza, 139 g): 300 calories, 11 g fat (5 g saturated fat), 640 mg sodium, 35 g carbs (1 g fiber, 8 g sugar), 16 g protein. California Pizza Kitchen somehow managed to compile the longest ingredient list of all the frozen pizzas on the market.

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Worst Pizza in America. Uno Chicago Grill Chicago Classic Deep Dish Individual Pizza 2,300 calories, 164 g fat (53 g saturated, 1 g trans fat), 4,910 mg sodium, 119 g carbohydrates

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In his review of Dragon Pizza, which was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday as "The Worst Pizza Place in America" and remains pinned on his X (formerly Twitter) account, Portnoy gave the Somerville shop a low score of 6.4, taking issue with what he called the pizza's floppiness and strong parmesan flavor. "It's a floppy mess," Portnoy said.

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