How to Learn Spanish in 6 Months (2023)

How to Learn Spanish in 6 Months (1)

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Do you want to learn Spanish in 6 months?

Yes, it is possible! What day is today? Take a calendar, and count six months from today. Remember the date because, with time and effort, you’ll be on the B1 Level of Spanish.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading and I’ll show you the best way to learn Spanish in 6 months!

6 Steps to Learning Spanish in 6 Months

According to Cambridge research, it takes about 100 hours for a motivated adult to move from one CEFR level to another. It’s therefore possible to get to the B1 level in 300 hours.

Three hundred hours in 6 months comes out to 50 hours a month, 12.5 hours a week, and less than two hours a day. While it may sound like a lot to put a two-hour activity on top of your daily tasks, with adequate planning and organization, it’s doable.

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1. Find Your Motivation

Have you noticed that I said that it is possible for a motivated adult to learn Spanish in 6 months? The word “motivated” here is crucial. Motivation promotes strong critical thinking skills.

The human brain is an efficient machine that tries not to retain anything that is not important. This means that you need to consider Spanish important to your life and future to learn it so quickly.

Why do you want to learn Spanish? To travel? To talk to Spanish-speaking friends? To get a better job? To read your favorite authors? To watch Spanish movies without subtitles?

It will be different for everybody, but don’t skip this step. Sit down and think about why you must learn fluent Spanish in 6 months.

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2. Set Your Goals, Plan, and Organize Your Calendar

A B1 level is possible, and you shouldn’t settle for less. Plan two months per level, and mark your checkpoints. Mark the day when you’ll take your final test.

It helps to make your goals public, as a bit of intrinsic motivation is always helpful. You’ll feel more obliged to meet your goals if your Facebook friends are waiting for your language update.

Do you have time to dedicate to more formal learning? Count how many of these hours you can fit into a week. Don’t worry if it’s less than the recommended 12, I’ll tell you how to extend this time in creative ways.

How to Learn Spanish in 6 Months (3)

3. Choose Your Resources

Remember that there’s no time for improvisation if you want to learn Spanish in 6 months, so you need to choose your resources wisely before Day 1.

  • Get a quality textbook to learn Spanish for adults
  • Choose a few Spanish language apps for adults
  • Select at least one Spanish podcast
  • Choose your Spanish series
  • Find good Spanish music to listen to (and read along with the lyrics)
  • Sign up for a 1-to-1 Spanish class

Spanish class and textbook time should be assigned to the free slots you found in your weekly schedule. All the others will extend the studying time to the desired 12 hours (or more).

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You can do 5 minutes of a Spanish app on your phone while standing in a line, listen to a podcast while commuting, watch a series before going to bed, and listen to music while cleaning or cooking.

Consistent and diversified practice makes it possible to learn Spanish in 6 months.

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4. Train Your Ear

I know many people who have been successful in their academic language learning and graduated with flying colors. Still, they go to a country where people speak the language they’ve been studying and they don’t understand a word. Why?

Their ears are deaf to new sounds. Yes, it’s not enough to know lots of vocabulary and grammar unless you have trained your ear to distinguish new sounds. It’s important, as each language has its own phonological systems in which the letters we know are pronounced in different ways.

Here, your resources come in handy, like podcasts, series, and music. And you can add audiobooks, TV programs, movies, and many others. The important thing is to listen to Spanish as much as possible.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel to a foreign country to learn its language! You can learn Spanish in 6 months from the comfort of your home. You first need to surround yourself with Spanish sounds.

How to Learn Spanish in 6 Months (5)

5. Train Your Mouth

Speak Spanish as often as possible. Speak from Day 1. If you don’t speak a language, you’re not making it yours.

To activate new words in your brain, you must use them. Practice pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. Use them in a conversation. It won’t be spontaneous at the beginning, but it will become natural over time.

Train your mouth. Repeat all new words. Mix them to create new sentences. Don’t worry about grammar mistakes. Play videos, imitate speakers, sing. Record yourself. Play and replay, check against the original. Correct, and record again.

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Keep in mind that you can’t learn Spanish in 6 months without speaking.

How to Learn Spanish in 6 Months (6)

6. Find a Spanish “Parent”

How did you learn your mother tongue? Your parents were your first teachers. They talked slowly to you, emphasized meaning with gestures, and corrected your mistakes.

Now, you need a “Spanish parent,” as a language mentor. It can be a good teacher, a friend, or even a Spanish-speaking neighbor. Someone patient who will gently correct your mistakes and won’t make you feel bad about making them.

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Start Your 6-month Spanish Journey Today

Don’t wait any longer to learn Spanish in 6 months. Grab the calendar and count your 6 months right now. Organize your calendar and take the steps this article outlines.

Have you found your motivation? Remember that traveling easily to Spanish-speaking countries is one thing, but knowing Spanish can change your life! According to The Economist, with fluency in a foreign language, you can add anywhere from $50,000 to $125,000 to your annual salary.

Sign up for a free trial class to start speaking today with our native, Spanish-speaking teachers from Guatemala. Learn Spanish in 6 months with Homeschool Spanish Academy!

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